Versione Italiana

The stamp collecting is a real journey through the history of a country.
Italy is an example of this: the first were the stamps of the ancient states, then there were those of the kingdom of Italy and latest were those of the Italian Republic from 1946 until today.

Ancient States
The Italian history of philately was born on 1 June 1850 with the issuance of the first series of " Eagle " of the kingdom of the Lombardy - Veneto. Then followed by the other states: kingdom of Sardinia, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Papal States, the Duchy of Modena and Parma.
In 1858, the kingdom of the Two Sicilies began the use of stamps.
The series of stamps for the Romagne is issued in 1859.
Kingdom of Italy
The issue of postage stamps begins in 1861 with the unification of the country until the beginning of the republic in 1946. It can be divided in four periods:
Vittorio Emanuele II ( 1862 - 1878 ), Umberto I (1879 - 1893 ), Vittorio Emanuele III ( 1901 - 1943 ), Umberto II
( 1944 - 1946 ).
The stamps of the Italian Republic are placeable between 1946 up to the present. The stamps are divided into ordinary series, commemorative series and services.
All italian stamps but especially those in the republic dates back over and characters that have made Italian history.Do you have any questions or information please contact me here

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